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Tuesday, August 31st, 2004
6:16 pm
Well, I figured I should do at least one update in August. In fact, it's been so long since I've updated that I couldn't remember my lj password. Warning: this will be a long post.

-I can't believe by this time next week, school would have started! Where did the summer go?

-Good times spent with moosefluff, fuzzycoatimundi, viola-girl and ofcourse Nathaniel Woahwoahwoahwoahwoahwoahwoah......Wong. Thank you fuzz for teaching us all those card games.

-It's sad that a few of my friends are leaving Vancouver for quite a while. Supria will be in Chicago doing her PHD. I will miss her a lot. The good thing is that she actually has quite a few breaks during the year and can come back and visit. techie_pet will be in Banff for an unspecified period of time. I saw him briefly yesterday and we all should get together with him a couple of times before he leaves in mid-September. Dim-Sum has been suggested. Maybe we can also have a Next-gen movie marathon. I think that would appeal to some Patrick Stewart fans. Personally, I like to think of it as five movies with Dianna Troy in it. Organ-girl is also leaving. Her decision to leave was rather sudden. But she is hoping to study organ at the Manchester College of Music. They have four organ teachers for her to choose from. At UBC, she wouldn't have had a choice at all. It's so sad that they are neglecting the organ program here. There won't be a single organ major taking lessons from the school this year. And for those of you who are interested, once organ-girl finalizes her plans, she intends to have a going away party. Dim sum has also been suggested for this. Speaking organ-girl, I've discovered that my voice must be very familiar to her husband's. On one occasion, I called and she said, "Is Chirsty there?" She replied, "Joe what's wrong with you! It's me" Another time, her dad picked up and said Christy wasn't home. He then said, "Are you Joe? You can call back later." A third time, her mom picked up and as soon as I said hi she said, "oh, hi Joe. Christy has gone out. You can call back later."

-Olympics: Well the sixteen day showcase of summer sports are now over. And the top headlines during the games and after the games ofcourse is, "Oh Canada! what happened?" The media constantly focused on the lack of hardware Canadian athletes received. A radio broadcaster went as far as saying, "How is Canada doing so far in these games? Well, let's just say we suck." I am so sick of the media focusing on the "poor" performance of the athletes. Instead of being so critical of our athletes who gave it their best, people should look at some of the positives aspects of the Athen games. It was the first time ever that a Canadian won a gold medal in artistic gymnastics. (the routine was spectacular, for those of you who missed it.) It was also the first time that a canadian had won a gold medal in women's sprint cycling. Canoe/kayaking: Not only were medals won, but everyone of the Canadian teams participated in their final heat. That is almost unprecedented. But will these and other highlights be emphasized? nope. People will remember the low medal count, the inability for the swim team to win a single medal and ofcourse, all the pictures and video clips of the Canadian woman who fell on the first hurdle in the final heat of her race. That probably made front page news in every major newspaper across the country. Headlines included, "her worst, nightmare came true."

So after this "dismal" performance by Canada, everyone is jumping on the "more funding for our athletes" bandwagon. There are many things that our government should put more money in. Frankly, athletics should be near the bottom of the list. They're priority should be that every child in Canada learns how to read. Homeless people should be given shelter. No Canadian should have to travel across the border because of inadequate medical facilities and hospital beds. Yes, sports is important but as it is athletes already get so much more funding and grants than musicians, artists and writers. A pianist would never think about getting funding from the government so that he or she could take part in an international piano competition. Most athletes expect to be given money so they can attend world championships. Canada council has been cutting funding given to the arts for years. The BC festival of the arts was in jeopardy of being abolished a few years ago. Orchestral musicians across the country are taking paycut after paycut just so the orchestra can stay afloat. Film festivals are in jeopardy. There are some members in parliment now that want to cut funding to cbc radio 2. Essentially, we could stand to lose the only radio station that plays classical music. Unfortunately, none of this is important to the average Joe because he's too upset about the damn American who was able to jump higher than the Canadian in the pole vault competition. More funding! Then we'll show them who's number one! To make matters worse, most people want more funding just so that Canadian athletes can "look good" for the 2010 winter games. Afterall, it would be a shame if after the 2010 games, all people remembered was the dismal medal showing of Canadian athletes on their home turf. Ofcourse they fail to realize that putting more money into the system doesn't guarantee results. This explains why some of the poorer countries who provide little or no economic support for their athletes can do very well in the olympics. Look at Argentina. They came out on top in both soccer and basketball. That's right. Someone has finally beat the USA dream team. And I guarantee you that Argentina does not put more money into basketball than the US.
Monday, July 26th, 2004
10:20 am
Well, it's been a while since I've updated. For those of you who are interested, below are a few significant things that happened in the last while:

1). Both cello concerts went well. However, I am still owed $150 and am having a hard time communicating with the person who owes me the money. Also, the second concert caused me to miss Romp.
2). Had a very nice dinner with moosefluff and fuzzycoatimundi
3). I no longer have access to my teacher's studio. The assistant director to the school of music took the key away from me. Apparently sessional faculty members are not allowed to lend out keys to their students but full time faculty members are.
4). I was in Chilliwack yesterday. Had a wonderful time. Hiked up to Lindeman. The hike seemed shorter than before.
5). I'm thinking about learning how to play the organ, just for the heck of it.
6). Question: Has anyone made plans for the fireworks on Wednesday? If an e-mail has been sent in the last couple of days, I wouldn't have received it. My mailbox was too full.
Sunday, July 18th, 2004
6:18 pm
Cello Concert
Who: Pi-Chin Chien, cello, myself, piano.
Date: Monday, July 19th, 2004
Time: 6pm. Yeah, I know, weird start time.
Where: Broadmoor Baptist Church located at 8140 Saunders Street in Richmond. If you take the bus, ride the 98 until Richmond Centre. Transfer to the 403 and ask the driver to let you know when you get to Saunders. You will pass Francis and Lucas street first.


Suite fur Violoncello und Streichorchester: Fabian Muller
Some unaccompanied piece by a Swedish composer.
Sonata opus 65 for piano and cello: Chopin

Sunday, July 11th, 2004
9:20 pm
Annoying transit operator
I had an interesting day yesterday. Taught from 10:30-6:30 in Coquitlam. Two of my students are a set of identical twins in grade 11. They look alike, wear the same clothing, have the same glasses and haircut. Anyway, last week I discovered that they had been learning the same pieces as each other! So I decided to put an end to that by assigning them different repertoire. Yesterday Matthew walks in and plays the piece I assigned him. At the end of the lesson, he requests to be allowed to watch his brother's lesson. I agree. Anthony then comes in, warms up and I asked him to play the little prelude I assigned him. His reply was, "oh, I didn't learn that. I decided to learn the same piece as Matthew." ARGH!!!

Okay, about the annoying bus driver. In the morning, I gave myself plenty of time to get to Coquitlam. I walked out to Renfrew planning on arriving at the bus stop a good 5 minutes before it was scheduled to leave. Well, just when I was crossing the street, it passed me. It left 5 minutes early. I got onto the next #16 which came 15 minutes later. I caught the sky train and arrived at Lougheed Station where I realized that I had missed the #97 I was suppose to take. Still, I could take the 10am bus and get to Coquitlam with about 5 minutes to spare. A bunch of us get on the bus and the driver decides to go out for a smoke. He ended up losing track of time and the bus left at 10:07 instead. I wasn't impressed. On the way, there was construction which held us up a bit more. It gets worse though. After passing by the construction and knowing that he was behind time, the driver decided to stop the bus outside of MacDonald's. He then went into Macdonald's. At first I thought he needed to use the washroom. Ten minutes later, he comes out holding a bag which I later found out consisted of a big Mac and chicken Macnuggets. What the hell???? I really felt like going up to him and complaining. I can understand if he stopped for a washroom break or to get a coffee if he was falling asleep. But to get a burger? It wasn't even near lunch time. To make matters worse, I see him eating and driving at the same time.

Anyway, because of all that I ended up being a bit late for my first student. Good thing I had a lunch break which I could cut short, so that I wouldn't be behind schedule the entire day.
Friday, July 9th, 2004
10:26 am
So I went to Chilliwack yesterday to visit Alison. It took about an hour and 45 minutes by bus. Normally it's about an hour and half but there was construction on the highway.

Anyway, it was so nice seeing Alison again. We went to her house for lunch. She lives on a hill looking over the valley. gorgeous views. We went on a hike up Teapot Hill. I have no clue as to why they call it that! The hike is no where as steep as the one that Janice, Teresa, fuzzycoatimundi and I did. So this time, I didn't have to catch my breath all the time. Alison and I hiked quite slowly which is good. When you get to the top, there is a gorgeous view of Cutlass lake and the chilliwack valley on the otherside. I wish I brought a camera with me. I really should buy a digital one at some point. Just a cheap one mind you, not the expensive high end sony models, as cool as those are. Anyway, we eventually ended up at the beach had dinner back at her house and then I had to go home.
It's great that Alison is doing well. I was worried about her for a while. Hopefully she can come out to the concert on the 19th I'm playing in. And I'll take this opportunity to invite all of you to come out that night. I'll send an e-mail with more details later. The highlight of the programme is the Chopin cello sonata. concert will be at 6pm at a church somewhere with a yamaha grand piano apparently.

I also invited Alison to romp. Unfortunately, I can't actually go to romp. The cellist has a second performance. Guess when that has to be? Yup, you guessed it, July 24th 8pm. Argh. I just found out last night. She's only playing one piece that evening though, so if she is near the beginning of the programme, maybe I can get back to downtown in time for dessert.

Message for nathanielwong I will leave a room open for you. But no sleeping on any of the bookshelves okay? Promise??
Monday, July 5th, 2004
4:57 pm
-Went to the Frog and Firkin last night with fuzzycoatimundi and moosefluff. It was the first time I've been there. Quite a nice place. It's great being able to order breakfast food at 10pm!
-Went to the music building for a bit with fuzz. Did some practicing and went to listen to fuzz play organ for a bit. I haven't been in the loft for ages.
-Played Mario Kart with the fuzz master. The one on one battles are fun. But I suck at them. Fuzz was leading 20-1 in terms of victories I think. Yeah, I know...pathetic...
-Slept until 1:30 today. yay.
Wednesday, June 30th, 2004
1:49 pm
It was my birthday yesterday. I had a great time! At around noon, moosefluff, fuzzycoatimundi Tally and myself had a picnic on the beach. The sandwiches that moosefluff made were very yummy. Tally told us some interesting stories concerning bees.

Fuzz and Tally had to leave. moosefluff and I wandered around the beach for a bit and then decided to go kayaking. It was great. There was a bit of a breeze so we never got too hot. I wasn't properly dressed but it was okay cause they gave me a skirt. We paddled quite far. We tried going west but the current seemed to want to drift us east. All in all, it was very fun and also the first time that I had been in a two person kayak.

We then went to seven eleven for slurpees. This was followed by moosefluff's top secret mission, which I am still curious about.In the evening, we had a lovely dinner at Milestones. There was the four of us from the picnic as well as caitfoom and techie_pet. We later went back to the beach, saw some drunk people in the distance, and eventually ended up at True Confections for dessert.

All in all a wonderful day. And thank you so much to the special squirrels for the lovely gifts. I can't wait to try the zamboni!
Sunday, June 27th, 2004
11:10 pm
Well a lot has happened since I updated. Here's a summary:
-Spent all of Thursday with Erika. Had lots of fun. Chemainus is nice although I wouldn't want to live there. Good place to visit though. It was nice to finally be able to catch up with Erika. We were both so busy that I was completley out of the loop in terms of some things.
-Visited Supria's brother on Friday at UVIC.
-Came back to Vancouver, made a quick trip to Park Royal to visit moosefluff, and then ended up with Tally at Dave Harding's place watching "Match Maker." I'm sorry Tally, but it wasn't my kind of film.
-Drove to Chilliwack late Saturday morning to visit Janice. We went on a hike in the afternoon. Luckily, it wasn't a difficult hike cause I am really out of shape. We then went to a lake and had a barbeque with some of her family and friends.
-Visited Alison at "transcanada water slides" today. She seems very happy. yay. HOpefully, she can make it out to my birthday dinner on the 29th.
-At around 2pm, I left Chilliawack considered heading west but decided to head east instead. Drove up to Kamloops via route 1. Gorgeous scenery around the fraser canyon. Had dinner in Kamloops and drove back to Vancouver in record time. (along highway 5 mind you, which is a lot faster.) Average speed can easily be 140 km/h. There was a mercedes that was also driving quite fast and we kept passing each other. it was funny.
-Sadly, I have to return the rental car tomorrow.
Thursday, June 24th, 2004
9:22 am
I'm in Chemainus now. Erika and I are having lots of fun.

So yesterday morning I went in the morning to pick up my rental car. Then I drove to my piano lesson. Worked on the Chopin with Dr. Sicsic but I actually had to leave in the middle of the second movement cause I didn't want to be late for the ferry. The drive to horseshoe bay was interesting. I somehow managed to MISS the turnoff at Burrard and Georgia! Then on the highway, just as I was passing a minivan on the right, I hear this loud screeching sound. I look over and saw that the minivan was skidding out of control towards the side of the road. I think he blew a tire. Must have been scary for anyone in the vehicle.

The ferry ride over was nice. On the way from Departure Bay to Chemainus, I got lost big time. Drove way pass Chemainus actually. Eventually, I got where I needed to go. Erika's house is very nice. The town is very nice too. Reminds me a lot of Powell River. Last night, we went swimming! I haven't gone swimming for years. I still remember how to do a back sroke of some sort. But I can't do anything else. But we had fun. The only weird thing was that there were these three creepy old guys that kept starring at Erika while we were in the hot tub. argh to them.

Today we'll be out most of the day. Should be fun.

I hope everyone is doing well.
Tuesday, June 22nd, 2004
10:18 am
Yesterday I went to the beach with moosefluff We had a great time. The tide was very far out. It was so cool that we could wander out as far as we did! It's amazing how many jelly fish we encountered. Eventually we built a couple of sand sculptures.

I am going to the island for a few days! I'm leaving tomorrow afternoon and will be back sometime on Friday. So yeah, it's a short visit but it should be fun. and I'll be renting a car.

fuzzycoatimundi is back. yay. Maybe he can teach me more card games. (mostly more about bridge actually cause I'm still confused about quite a few things.)

I ran into Sumire yesterday. Haven't seen her at school for quite a while. We were both hungry so we decided to go to dinner and I suggested the chinese restaurant in the village (surprise surprise.) Anyway, on the way over someone driving by us yelled out "hey gorgeous!" My response to Sumire was, "okay, I'm pretty sure he wasn't referring to me." I was amused.

Lastly, I found out that nathanielwong is in Edmonton already. he took an earlier flight. He wasn't suppose to leave until today! Fuzz and I were planning on going to the airport with him!
Friday, June 18th, 2004
9:57 am
Wow. It's been a while since I've updated.
-I had a wonderful time at moosefluff's birthday celebration.
-I have my lj picture up finally. Thank you moosefluff for making the icon. And yes fuzzycoatimundi it does turn out to be a hamster. He's so adorable sitting on top of the piano keys!
-I think the battle to keep the SMMRC lab open in the summer is now lost. They changed the alarm codes yesterday morning. So perhaps, fuzzycoatimundi you should just return the SMMRC key when you get back from Toronto.
-It's really too bad that ennazu may not come back from Ottawa until the fall. Grrr to the fish place for not hiring you.
-I'm contemplating buying the entire collection of Chiffera DVD's. (Chiffera happens to be one of my favourite pianists. HPS likes him a lot too.)
-After watching the leadership debates, I have concluded that Jack Layton should be Prime Minister. It's too bad that the NDP will never win. He and the leader of the bloc quebecois were the only two that seemed to know any of the issues and speak intelligently. Mr. Harper's best line was "well we have a different approach." He didn't even bother to justify why his way was better. Cause he probably knows that making Canada the 51st state, sending us to war, taking away child care benefits, and taking away funding from municiapalities isn't really a better way of doing things. It's just the Conservative way. As for Mr. Martin, well frankly, I don't think he and his fellow goons can be trusted. two words: sponsorship scandal.
Sunday, June 13th, 2004
7:57 pm
"I think I was born peeing."
Friday, June 11th, 2004
5:03 pm
SMMRC is now closed apparently
Well, the administration has decided to close down the SMMRC lab for the summer. All smurfs are suppose to turn in their keys and the lab will not be open even when Dr. Bob is around.

I think that as music students, we should diplomatically address this issue with Professor Read. To begin with the lab is not open at regular hours. However, it is very nice that when any one of the three smurfs are around, they are kind enough to open the lab and let students use it. Keep in mind that none of the smurfs are being paid in the summer. They are doing this out of kindness! Secondly, Dr. Bob has not had a problem with the idea of keeping the lab unlocked while he is here. And he is here a few days a week. Many of us have courses that require computer use. (writing essays, composition for music 300 assignments, web ct to name a few things.) Perhaps our director is simply a little out of touch and is unaware of the benefits of the lab being open at times during the summer.

I suggest that we all e-mail Jesse and Dr. Bob. We can be very nice about this and hopefully they will understand the usefulness of the lab and that if the smurfs are willing to be here to open the lab at times, why should this not happen??
Wednesday, June 9th, 2004
9:43 am
The following has occured since I updated last:
1). Eeeeee! Received postcard from moosefluff
2). Me trying to give the office new address information but being unable to remember fuzzycoatimundi's or my aunt's postal code. Eventually got the right postal code from an envelope upstairs.
3). Maureen now thinks I live in Hampton place;)
4). Chopin cello sonata
5). Visit to TD bank. They seem quite happy to lend me money. yay.
6). Mozart piano concerto. Hey fuzz, do you want to play the orchestral part for me? I know how much you love his pieces!
7). Minevera for dinner. yummy pizza and strawberry parfait.
8). nathanielwong revealing to us that he is going back to Edmonton on the 22nd. Argh. The good news is that he may return with a vehicle.
9). zzzzzzzzzz

Now I will try to practice. If anyone wants to do something this evening, let me know.
Tuesday, June 8th, 2004
9:40 am
Someone has stolen the seat from my bike. Grrrr. Now I'll have to replace it. (or bike standing on the pedals all the time which can be fun. but it's difficult to do and if I ever accidentally sit down, it'll be painful!)

It was funny going to my lesson yesterday. I got on the 49 and was suppose to get off at West Boulevard. But I fell asleep and by the time I woke up, I had no idea where I was. (at first I thought it was morning and I was heading to UBC!) Then I saw that the bus had just passed oak street. I got off and realised that if I waited for a bus to take me back to arbutus and then have to transfer to the 16, I would be very late. So I called a taxi and was only 15 minutes late for my lesson. Not too bad.

Went straight from my lesson to fuzzycoatimundi's to watch the game. Viola boy joined us later bringing roasted chicken and bread. I listened to the song that viola girl composed. Very impressive.

Then we went downstairs to play pool. I totally suck at it. But it was still fun.
Monday, June 7th, 2004
10:54 am
Go Flames Go!
It doesn't get more exciting than this. Game 7 of the stanley cup finals. Go Calgary.

I just registered for my courses for next year. I got everything I wanted except for one of the seminar courses. It was listed a month ago but now it has been removed. So I had to replace it with Song Interpretation. The good news is that the class is at 5pm. The bad news is that it will probably be in her office, with the lights dimmed, and is two hours long. So yeah, just like old times, I'll probably have problems staying awake. And fuzzycoatimundi, you won't be there to punch me to wake me up! (unless you decide to take the course with me...PLEASE???)

Have a lesson in the afternoon. Then I will watch the last nhl game of the season. (and possibly the last one for a very long time if the players get locked out.)
Sunday, June 6th, 2004
7:28 pm
The following things have happened since I updated last:

Mango and white chocolate raspberry
Prisoner of Azkaban
chinese food

Now, I'm going to have ice cream again! Eeeeeeee!
Thursday, June 3rd, 2004
10:08 am
Chinese radio...
Everymorning my aunt listens to chinese radio before heading to work. Even though I know cantonese somewhat well, I understand less than half of what the radio people say. I guess they use language that my parents and I don't use. And it's rather formal.

Anyway, this morning I heard someone the radio say, "today is a good day to see the doctor." Every morning there is a segment on that tells people what activites they should do that day. They also warn you to avoid certain events. Apparently it's all based on the lunar calendar. For example, there are certain days each month that one should not get married. If you do, some people believe that bad things will happen in the family afterwards or the marriage will not be successful. She showed me one of these calendars and sure enough for each day, there were instructions on what events should or should not take place. Interestingly, the day of my chinese birthday, which changes every year, "is a good day for marriage ceremonies." So my aunt said, "yeah you could get married in three weeks". I said, "well, I'd need to find a girlfriend first." She always makes fun of me and thinks I go on hot dates all the time. Anyway she then said, "hey! your parents got married after knowing each other for two weeks."
I guess she has a point...

*The above conversations were all in cantonese*

Current Mood: amused
Wednesday, June 2nd, 2004
4:02 pm
Well, as you can see, I still don't have a picture up yet. I found a picture of an aston martin v12 vanquish that I liked but the file was too large. and when I tried to reduce the size, it looked horrible. So I'll find something else.

Last night, T.L., nathanielwong, fuzzycoatimundi and I went to the Nam for dinner. It was Kim's birthday/graduation dinner. We had a lot of fun. But I felt bad because Kim's mom paid for everyone. There must have been at least 12 people there. Anyway, dinner was quite good. Everything on the menu ofcourse was vegetarian. And for dessert, most of us had pie and tofulati icecream. I can't believe how good the icecream was.

We walked T.L. back to her sister's place. nathanielwong and I then waited for a bus to take us back to UBC. fuzzycoatimundi went back to UBC on his bike. When he called me to let me know that he was back at the Hamptons, nathanielwong and I were still waiting at the bus stop!

We stopped by the school briefly and eventually went back to the Hampton's to watch Ocean's 11. I think it's a pretty good movie but I fell asleep 20 minutes into it and didn't wake up until near the end. Will have to watch it again sometime soon.

Tonight, I'll be having dinner at stefos and I will order meat. LOTS of it!

Current Mood: cheerful
Tuesday, June 1st, 2004
9:58 am
Went to dinner last night at the village chinese restaurant with ennazu and fuzzycoatimundi It was the first time ever that I had a chinese meal that had no meat in any of the dishes! Tally would be proud of me.

fuzzycoatimundi is back to his usual self and finding various ways of scaring me. I contemplated staying at school last night but decided on going home. I was quite tired.

We all need to convince Nathan to activate his cell phone! There is no way we can ever get a hold of him. Even when fuzz and I did not have cell phones, people generally knew where we were and could find us. But with Nathan that isn't the case. For all I know, last night he could have fallen asleep in a tree somewhere on fourth avenue.
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